I would probably go with medium format camera. Rnagefinders are compact enough to carry 2 or 3 lenses without breaking your shoulder, but something like Contax 645 with the 80/2.0 lens would be nice too

If I plan to shoot more - than my setup usually consists of Mamiya 6 with 3 lenses. Mamiya 7 could be even better (bit more bulky, but the same weight) as the built-in light meter is a bit more usable IMO. My most recent trip was to Romania and I carried the Mamiya 6 and a carbon tripod (which I used a lot).

For more casual use I take just a TLR and a table-top tripod (Manfrotto).

But also something like Fuji GA645, Bessa III or even Fuji GW690 (in particular for larger prints).

If medium format would not be an option for some reason, I would probably turn to some non-analog solution (which I do not posses right now), for some reason 35mm film does not do it for me ...