Thanks guys, Yes i am currently living in Perth WA, thats why I thought I'd post in the Aussie? forum, Glorious sunny Perth. Yes I love our coast line here, and love taking shots at the beach.

Molli, I bought a lot of stuff already, and I am quite ready to find a space. I am currently house sitting, and between homes so i have no good place of my own.
Thats why i was hoping if i reached out in a forum such as this one, i may find someone who is like minded who may want to do the same, or better yet, may already have a darkroom and is in need of some extra funding or gear. I am pretty generous with my equipment and don't mind at all if other people with respect for property would like to borrow and use my stuff. I had access to a pretty good setup growing up as my sister had a home darkroom.

What would be cool would be a country wide darkroom. One in every major city, funded by people such as ourselves, pay a small membership and have access to gear that your membership helps buy/maintain. I image many people are in a similar situation as myself and would love a darkroom in their home, but either don't have the space, the gear or the funds to keep one.

Maybe it would be a logistical nightmare, maybe not. Just spit balling here after a few drinks none the less.
Thanks so much for the welcome guys. I hope to be involved in this site and its community activities as much as life will allow.