Ok, so I've been reading a lot about Pyrocat-HD and wanted to give it a try.

I have tried PMK and for me it was not an experience I ever want to repeat. This spring I tried Rollo Pyro, while I liked the results much better the the PMK. Still the prints did not show me anything to really make me want to convert from my standard HC110.

I decided to give Pyrocat-HD a try, rather then order in the bulk chemicals and then not like the results, I thought I'd order the package from Photographers' Formulary. That made life simple and I could try it with little effort or expense.

Last night, I started mixing the chemicals based on the instructions (which looked a lot like what I had been reading on the Blinking eye site). Just for kicks before I mixed in the chemicals I wanted to check the weights of the packages. I found that the was 28g of Pyrocatechin in the package instead of the 5g that the formula called for and that was marked on the label. I know I measured it in the plastic bag still but didn't think the bag weighed 23g (it turns out the bag weighed under 3g). That made me check all of the other packages to see if the proportions were greater them what was printed on the instruction sheet. Everything else measured out ok for the printed formula in the instructions.

I weighed out the 5g needed and mixed up the solution. I processed 8x10 sheets in my Jobo using Clay Harmon's times posted on the Blinking Eye site as a starting point. My first reaction to the negatives is very good. I'll print them this weekend to find out more.

I just wanted to pass along that sometimes the pre-measured packages are not always what they are marked. Had I not checked the weight and mixed the chemicals on good faith I might have a different feeling this morning about what is looking like a very nice developer.

George Losse