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Ohh Sigh, we are THAT far behind ... anyway, I only count crossing countries border. So we are ahead


Hi Ruediger, Hi all,

A funny thing would be publishing a speed indicator for each camera, in kilometer /day (km/h would be rather optimistic ), and in miles per day (or in Furlongs by Victorian Day, or wathever strange Imperial system unit you'd like..), both for the whole travel from start, and for the last current step.

So, if i am right, counting town-to-town with google maps, for now the Stylus traveled approx 6860 km (with the hypothesis that Shawn posted it from NYC), posted the 03/25/2013 (54 days ago), so overall speed is 127 km/day. The last stage (til the Mr Kraker's home) was traveled at 77 km/day.

Same thing for the Leica can't be made right now, without enough precise localization data. I.e if I consider the Manitoba to Manitoba step, it counts for 0 km, and I believe it's a little larger than that