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How about stupid things they put it?
Nikon introduced a feature into their aperture priority capable cameras (F3, FE2 & FA and others?) that sets a fix shutter speed when you load a new roll and advancing it to frame 1. This is to prevent you from accidentally setting it in aperture priority with the lens cap on and the camera setting a long exposure as you try to advance to frame 1.
Actually that is a useful feature to speed up loading film. regardless of mode you can cycle shutter to wind film on take up spool. With the lens cap on and loading a new roll with the camera in aperture priority mode it will take forever to load or you have to switch modes.

It is also useful to confound the uninititated into selling the body cheap because they are tricked into thinking the camera is stuck on one shutter speed when they were playing with it either with the back open or fire a few shots and see no speed change.

I got 2 FAs cheap because of this very reason.