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RE #1: A spart connection?

RE #3: The ETR series did have a tilt/shift lens. Made by Schneider, it's named Zenzanon-PE Super Angulon 55mm f4.5 PCS. Not a lot of them out there. The same Schneider lens is in some other MF mounts also.
BTW, which two of the four are the big differences?
Re #1, SMART!!!!! Ok, so I spelled it wrong.

Re #3. These may have existed but were in no catalog or literature that I ever found, and I amassed a lot of data on the entire Bronica series.

The two most important? The weight and the weight!

My wife and I carried an RB and lenses all over the place on hikes at one time. No more.

I should also mention that the Bronica takes 2x more photos per roll, which gives me a lot of shots per shoot with that less weight.