I know there's quite a few around here from Adelaide, so i thought I'd just share this around.
Just went down to Kent Town this morning to get some developer and have a chat. Front door was replaced with wood, as was the window next to it, and most of the shop was rearranged (and looking very empty).
Turns out some guys came past (I'm not sure when), tried to jimmy the door, couldn't, so rammed the door and window down with the back of their (stolen) car (which was later found torched in Norwood).
The strange part was, they left most of the place untouched. Left all the Canon and Sigma gear. Left all the used gear. Left the film fridge and developers on the wall untouched (thank god). Even left behind some very easy-to-sell CF and SD cards. All they took was a fair bit of digital Nikon gear and lenses. (and I think the 6x17 that I wanted to hire one day was either missing or damaged in the process).
At least the guy there didn't sound too upset, at the end of the day it was all insured and noone was hurt (both afaik). But I still bought a few extra things that I probably didn't need, show my support and all that.

Anyway, beware of people offering too-good-to-be-true prices on Nikon gear. He reckoned it would probably end up in the Eastern States (they sounded a bit too well organised and professional to be as stupid as try selling it locally), but it could realistically end up anywhere in the country.