a little drunk during the sharks game a while ago i put several low ball bids on flea bay on a few F100 as i've always wanted one, but never needed one! a week goes buy in which i totally forgot it and the email from hell appears. Your won! ooops. so x-mas came early. for $130 i got a almost mint f100 and 8 rolls of provia! what a great day. got the camera the other day and took it out for a few minutes to shoot the roll of gold 100 in the camera.

first thing i gotta say is this thing weighs a lot more than i thought, which is good. I have an N80 and an F5 and it fits perfectly in the middle. I love the shutter. great sound, great response and great feel. Very muck like the F5 and the FE2 combined. this is quickly going to be my camera of choice for 60% of my film shooting. this is exactly why I didst get one sooner!!!!! Damn me.

I'm gonna shoot some provia this weekend and check out the meeter. one of my plans, hopes, is to get all my AF nikons together to check out their meeter. the F5, F4, F100, N80 N90 and my FA to check out the matrix meeter for no other reason than i can (Y not?). gives me something to do during my endless job hunt.

anyway this camera seems to be very much like a lot of people say, quite the camera. looking forward to trying to shoot more of it. just need some ideas of what and a little motivtion