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I gave up.
Seems like there's no point in trying more indeed. Either you could do it, or not.
My bet is you'd have parts donor, but since Contax are great cameras...

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An honorable mention is the Zorki 2. Not so many of these were made, but I have been able to find a cheap, working camera from time to time. The Zorki 2 has a much-improved shutter mechanism, and still retains the apearance and pocketability of the original Barnack Leica. Other good features are strap lugs and a self timer. The last one I bought even had a flash synch.
I have some 2C available here, still waiting for reply if those are complete and in serviceable condition.
It looks like those brands were only gaining weight with time, and I wonder where to stop, looks like Zorki and Fed 1 or 2 now.