Winter months are busy for me TBH, winter is incredibly photogenic and days are short. I can't stop myself from going out. Days are short, but if the sun shines, for 100% of the time it's the right light to take photos, at least at my lattitude. Last winter was over 6 months long, warm at first and incredibly cold by the finish. One of those years when one could buy ice cream and eat it by a frozen lake, or cool down his or her forehead with some snow that's about to melt.

Sure, I still have two stoves to hmm... be fed. Zorki C it'll be, dated 1957. Bought it already (not cheaply), and now I'm done. It fits somewhere between models 1 and 2, it has flash sync and dual rangefinder/viewfinder and a collapsible lens, It was as close to mint condition, as humanly possible. The inferior camera with appropriate lens.

Once again, thanks for your input everyone!