I have 3 pre war Ensigns and they all have the Ensar, and they are all triplets, I took two apart for cleaning and triplets they are, the ensar was re named the Rosstar in several fifties ensign's by Ross, they were used on the budget ensign's, again I have two in my collection, and I took one apart to clean and it is indeed a triplet,When using the un coated ensars while the contrast is not up to express standards it is pretty good, as far as the xpress lens, as far as I can find out, it was fitted to the top of the range cameras with the 8 speed epsilon shutters and the rostar, in the cameras with the older epsilon shutters, the two I have, both 16/20, have the rosstar/ lower spec epsilon, I don't use them very often, prefering the xpress/8 speed combination,