This is the 81-01 model that does not use a loading tray. Works fine, I tested it with some old 8x10 OHP Polaroid that was no good, but it showed the rollers work. Do a search on LFF and you will find my result, the pods were dried out.

Comes with OE instruction manual, one matching Polaroid film holder and power cord.

Gears are fine. You push the button for 1 second and it pulls the neg and pos through the rollers, very quickly. Then you wait while it develops in the covered rear compartment.

The little spring powered timer does not work. Use a separate timer of any kind. You are timing the development time, it varies, depending on film type.

This thing is heavy.

Unless you have used one, read the instructions 5 times and then read them again. It is not difficult, but it is not intuitive.

$600, you pay PayPal and USPS Priority shipping.