My wife and I are house-sitting in a small Canadian town, and we met one of the neighbours, who turns out to be an avid photographer while walking the dog.
When he found out I still shoot mostly film, he trotted out a number of reasons why this wasn't a good idea. The last one, was that he was concerned about the environmental impact of analogue, and felt much better shooting digitally. He also said he has over 30,000 images on file, and has to buy a better, (his third), laptop. That seems kinda polluting to me, but, the best was when I was out for a walk the next day and passed him digging in his garden. I stopped for a chat, and spied a huge pickup truck and a matching gigantic house trailer in the driveway. I asked if he had visitors and it turns out that no, that's their home-away-from-home which they take to Arizona every winter.
From where we are to Arizona is a five day drive, at probably 10 miles per gallon, if that. Never mind the building of these behemoths and the servicing.
But by jove, my shooting analogue is a bad thing for the environment. I didn't bother to say anything, because he probably wouldn't have understood anyway.
It's a funny old world.