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Hi there, a few people in this discussion have made me think and made me laugh. Dinesh, E van Hoegh. While others have made comments that i really relate to. 250swb, Trask and others.

I see this discussion pretty much everywhere I turn on the net. The many, who don't own a Leica, ganging up on the few who do. What I don't understand is that it's always specifically Leica. There are many cameras out there that are just as expensive and impractical if you don't know how to use them. I don't know people who would wax that kind of money just to buy a camera so as to be seen wearing a trophy or a piece of jewellery.

I guess this is because that world of glamour and status means absolutely nothing to me, I ignore it and could care less how other people spend their money. If I cared enough to think about it I would find, more of the same kinds of people who have no interest in photography, buying an insanely over the top DSLRs with a Kiddie Fiddler zoom lenses 1 meter long. For no reason other than the appearance of being a great photographer.

In fact the word photographer grinds my gears just as much. I guess by definition we are all photographers, but what makes myself more or less representative of that term than anyone that has a $10 disposable or an iPhone taking shots of there mates at the beach? The fact that I am holding a camera that has more functions or is more expensive? Hardly. Maybe because I hoard film and collect different cameras? Again, No. The person with his iPhone a friend wedding is still a photographer.

Perhaps these attributes people think make me a photographer really just sets me apart as an enthusiast over the next guy. And I have no problem with that convention. I am a photography enthusiast, and this enthusiasm really has nothing to do with the cameras I own, but how I use them.

Anyone can be seen holding a camera, but it means nothing if they don't actually use it. So why is it that these people hating on Leica, share the same distaste for people who use them? I guess it comes down to two things. Either they just don't like using that style of camera themselves, or they themselves are are hooked on this ridiculous world of glamour and status. This would lead me to believe that it is mostly childish jealousy rather than a misunderstanding of others choices.

My original Leica purchase was not as a fashion accessory or something, but because my brother had one, and i loved using it when i was learning about photography. Finally a few years ago, the day came when i could finally justify the purchase of a secondhand m3. Since then I have been hugely involved for many reasons including, their portability, viewfinder framing, and manual operation. As long as Leica keep making good cameras i will continue to use them in my arsenal.

So grow up, use the cameras you enjoy, get over the fact that other people may not agree with you and realise also, that no matter how much cool equipment you own, there will be someone with equipment out there you wish you had. If you have a difficult time dealing with that, you are not cut out for life. Besides what really matters is that you use and enjoy it.

End Rant
Cheers, Pedro
Here's what annoys me about the Leicaphiles. It's the attitude - that they're somehow special, more knowledgeable than non-Leica users. No, not all have this attitude, not even the majority. but enough do - and one clue is telling the rest of us that we're envious - or "childishly jealous" of their choice. Then there's the attitude that Leica is the best in every way, bar none, and if we can't see the difference, we're all dolts and don't matter.
I've owned two M3s, a IIIg, and used an R3, some IIs and IIIs, and a CL. I know Leicas, have CLAd them, and know what the lenses can do. I use Nikons now, because I can afford them and they do things Leicas can't.