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I'm completely serious. There's a reason people work with Holgas, Petzvals, etc. A well conceived photograph is more than accomplishing the utmost in sharpness and resolution.
Eddie you misunderstand me. I meant your criticism of my post can't be serious. Read the OP. The guy mentioned he had some concerns about quality control and then asked how the lens performs. It's a general question and I recommended a lens for general use. I have never heard of someone using a specific lens on their enlarger based on the specific brand of lens they used to take the picture and it would have been ludicrous for me to include such conjecture in my reply.

We have a saying at my work. When you hear hooves think of horses... not zebras. The lenses I recommended are industry standards that you can use to enlarge negatives made with any lens. Criticizing me because I didn't come up with a niche unusual answer based on some information that wasn't even in the OP is really stretching things a bit far. Anyway if a soft print is what you want there are numerous free solutions lying around your house that can be used to easily accomplish that goal regardless of what lens is in your enlarger. I never occurred to me to spend money and buy a lens for something like that.

Also I would suggest in addition to reading the OP to look at the study I linked to and also read my posts. I never said all a well conceived photograph is is, "the utmost in sharpness and resolution." I think if you take the time and actually READ the material I linked to and my own posts you will find where I and Ctein actually say quite the opposite. But again you have to actually read what we wrote. You can't just argue against strawmen.