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The manufacture of digital products has a very negative impact on the environment. It uses Mercury, Arsenic, Cadmium and a host of other chemicals that analog stopped using years ago. The photo chemicals used in processing are quite benign and are easily biodegraded in sunlight or sewage treatment.

Heh, I work in the computer chip industry and the ones PE listed are the nicer ones.
Things come to mind are hydrofluoric acid, and the best one is TMAH. It is considered a safer alternative than other chemicals, but a small spill on the skin dissolves it instantly and causes serious burns. But that's nothing! It gets quickly absorbed into the blood stream and causes permanent and irreversible damage to the nervous system and death. It is used by the barrelfulls to make camera sensors and chips. Compared to that photographic chemicals are totally benign, and most of them are used as food additives anyway...

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