1. male 55
2. no
3. 1979
4. Contax and Zeiss Ikon 35 mm, Zenza Bronica Medium Format; Ikon and Contax, Bronica
5. No. Used to , but do not have enough time
6. Less complicated, better results, because of more natural colors (shoot only slide film) and in b&w many choices of film=character.
Digital camera handbooks more than 50 pages, analog maybe 10! The advantage of digital is speed and high-sensitivity. I do not need that. I have to spend enough time at the computer anyhow. However for prints, I do scan the films, but hardly work on the scans, except dust removal and contrast adjustement as required for the paper used: glossy etc..I love to hold the images in my hands and be able to look at them.
7. Most is said under 6. In general nature and landscape photography is better on film. In winter I do not have to worry about batteries, because I have one mechanical camera.
8. I will! I follow the technical developments in the digital world, but feel less and less attracted to it. There is no system, which would meet my requirements. Maybe the very new Leica M bodies, but they are way to expensive for me.

Have fun with your project,