1. 26, male
2. no, just amateur
3. started doing serious photography in 2002 (analog)
4. Rollei/Hasselblad+several Zeiss lenses. I mostly use the Hasselblad now but only because the Rollei need repair.
5. B/W I do my own, colour slides go to the lab
6. Itīs fun! Great fun to shoot a slide film and to look at the slides when it comes back from the lab. Great fun to develop your own B/W film.
I prefer the colour fidelity and colour dept of film over that of digital. I also preferred classic B/W over digital B/W but the digital cameras have
become quite good in this now. To be honest I would also use a digital back if they were affordable, since these are quite good.
7. Traffic surveillance :-D No, to be serious I think it is still very convenient for everything you want to have on paper. Digital is easy to look at on the screen, but with analog you can get better matching results especially if you do your own work. It can be a pain to get accurate colour work from digital.
8. Definitely!