Apart from film spools backing paper and chemistry everything else gets re-ued (120 backing paper and packaging gets recycled). I use film boxes (I mainly shoot LF) for packaging. paper boxes for storing prints, commercial chemistry bottles get re-used (I don't buy much) my newest analogue camera is a Pentax MX or maybe my Wista. Forgot the chinese 6x17 camera bought 6 years ago but it's built like a tanks so should last 100+ years.

Some of the cameras I use are at least 50 years old, some 100+, same with lenses, there's no obsolescence. Enlargers last for decades and I'm about to restore a 100 year old Ensign (Houightons) enlarger to use as well.

Printers go obsolete before they waer out because newer OS's son't support them wit drivers. Digital cameras have a finite shuitter count and are poorly built compared to 1970/80s cameras. Printer cartridges aren't recycleable - they could be, laser cartridges are. Laptops have a 3 year life (on average) they wear out, PC's can last longer and are upgradeable. All these thinhgs come over packaged as well. So the waste from Digital is far worse.