1. 52
2. Occasionally, always on film only
3. Started photographing in 1968
4. SLR (Minolta, Leitz, ZeissIkon) and rangefinder (Konica) 35 mm
5. Only black and white, colour goes to pro lab
6. I strongly dislike digital "photography". For me it is a symbol of our superficial, instant-gratification society and "enhancing" images in photoshop a sign of cultural degradation. I even avoid autofocus. Photography is a craft and in some cases (not mine) an art, not a "computer skill".
7. Only thing digital can do better is a) cheaply and quickly producing a surge of images for instant consumption and b) some sorts of scientific imaging
8. If photographing on film became impossible (horrible thought), I would have to stop doing it. Making digital images is not photography for me.
9. 100%
10. not applicable
11. If I was less poor, could afford to buy films, paper and chemicals