The original assumption in this survey is wrong. There is no such thing as "digital photography". It is digital picture-making. Photography is, always was, and always will be the making of pictures out of light sensitive materials. The use of the qualifier "analog" is redundant. Just say photography.

1. Older male.
2. Shoot professionally? Not any more. Now I do photographs that no professional can afford to do and stay in business. Subjects? Anything with metaphoric value rather than merely illustrative.
3. When did you start shooting? I didn't start by shooting. Making photographs came in 1969. Camera-work started later.
4. What equipment? Mainly 8x10, sometimes 4x5, occasionally rollfilm in a SLR or TLR.
5. Developing methods? Traditional darkroom techniques. All photographs are made by me, start to finish, and in full, by my own hand.
6. Why do you shoot analogically? Photographs have an authority to depict subject matter based not on resemblance but on physical causation. Nothing else, not painting or drawing, not digital, has this authority.
7. Are there any particular subjects that you think that analogue photography is particularly suitable for? Yes, real things illuminated by light. Definitely no good for fictions, fudges, or fabrications. That's what digital is for.
8. Will you continue to shoot analogically in the future? Making pictures out of light sensitive substances is specifically what I do. The world is already glutted with digipix I'm not really interested in adding to or looking at.
11. Is there anything that could make you photograph analogically even more? Longer life!