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Did you do your own CLA? If so, I'm curious if you have any guesses as to where the timing problem is coming from.
Did you measure the shutter speed yourself? I measured the speed as well as the 1st and 2nd curtain travel times. I did clean and lube the camera but I've done so many times. I believe the mechanisms are just worn.
I measured the speed---actually this thread inspired me to dig out my FED-2 and do it again, and even though I'd thought the shutter was messed up after my efforts to adjust the tension, the times were excellent. The thing is, the timing mechanism is just the position of a release pawl on the shutter speed rod, if I remember correctly---the only things that really *can* go wrong (other than pieces being broken off) are shutter tension, rotational speed of that rod, and shutter obstructions. But it sounds like...

Not surprisingly, the curtain travel times are quite slow - more than 2x a 70's SLR. I've never been able to find any specifications for curtain travel time for a Zorki/FED or early Leica.
...that might have to do with the tensioning mechanism itself. I don't know what the travel time specs are---all I've ever done is fiddle with them until the capping problem went away.