Yeah, there's a lot of hypocrisy around the topic of environmental impact. But listing that here w.r.t. photo chemicals is pretty much preaching to the converted. Although I don't think that the semiconductor industry flushes its chemicals down the drain while we photo amateurs around the world usually do with the exception of used fix for some/most(?) of us. Aren't there carcinogens in most developers (Metol Hydroquinone)? Don't we all pour that down the drain. What about toners and bleach? A few years ago, I was forbidden to rinse wine glasses at the main sink at a photo school because I was told that kinds of toxic stuff from alternative processes went through there. I also find it interesting that there's a current thread on wearing gloves in the darkroom. Apparently photo chemicals are not as harmless as some people claim.

And aren't it always the biggest perpetrators that proclaim that what they do is harmless or doesn't have a significant effect regardless whether it is photo chemicals, e-waste, CO2 emissions etc. But making different choice that has less environmental impact often cost more money, takes a bit more effort or one has to take a small step back in comfort. And unfortunately many are unwilling to do that. So we should all take a hard look at our own habits first.