I was out cycling today, about 15 miles from the house when I rode by a yard sale, I usually don't pay much attention to them, but I noticed an enlarger on one of the tables so I figured an enlarger usually means good stuff.

I get off my bike and give my legs a little break from cycling against the wind for the past 40 minutes, not to mention that big a$$ hill I just went up. Made a bee line to the enlarger and it looked decent, I couldn't find a name on it, but it has seen better days. I noticed some Nikon SLR's, an FM (I think) and an EM. A few E-series lenses and this Eastman box, I wonder what kind of random spare parts are in here? Oh, wait! It its heavy. It's gotta be something good. And indeed it was. A new in box, totally unused Kodak Junior Six-16. I thought they would want a little change for that, I was thinking $20, hoping to settle on $10 because thats all I had with me. I ask the lady and she says "Thats old, nobody shoots that anymore, but it will look good on your bookshelf if you need a decoration" I ask her how much and she says "2 bucks" I gave her the $10 and said "thanks" Tucked it into the back of my cycling jersey and started home. The longest ride of my life it seemed like.

I know 616 film is pretty much non existent, but I was hoping there was some sort of modification I can do the my 120 spools to allow me to use 120 film. Nothing that damages or alters the camera. It's a freaking beauty, I almost don't want to use it.

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