The chemicals can be kept in plastic bottles, I use the kind that are similar to what Hydrogen Peroxide comes in. I mix up a gallon and put it in four of the quart sized bottles. Developer you just dump down the drain at the end of a day. The fixer you will responsibly take it back with you to arrange proper disposal. You could use any convenient tray. Plastic is fine.

The paper is a good choice and price. I'll defer safelight ideas to others who may have some tips such as LED etc. But you will want a good safelight. Or you could work in the dark. Gloves are fine. Distilled vinegar is a great stop bath. 1 cup vinegar to 3 cups water is 5%, that's the concentration I used until I figured the concentrate is "cheaper" in the long run. For you - vinegar is cheaper.

You could probably develop 5 or 6 sheets at once, much more is a bit of a hassle.