I got burned by some sediment laden blix recently on a few sheets of film. I did a bit of research on blix (the Tetenal kit is all I have at the moment, and because I'm going to pack up and leave China in about a month, I don't want to buy any more chemistry). I found this from 2009: http://www.apug.org/forums/forum40/6...-vs-kodak.html.

Athiril discussed splitting his Tetenal blix into separate bleach and fix baths, simply by not combining the two parts but using them separately.

I would like to do this for a couple of reasons, 1) get a little more shelf life of the working solution, so I don't have to buy any more before I leave, and 2) mess around with bleach bypass using what I already have.

My question is this: Athiril, or anyone else who has done this: Does it actually work properly mixed in this fashion? Do you still recommend the 1+4 dilution for the individual baths? Is the timing for both baths still 4 minutes each? Are there any downsides to this that you have discovered? (Archival issues, or color shift/quality issues, for example?)

Thanks for the help!