So, I've had this idea in my head ever since I read about glycin and decided to try it as a developing agent. Originally, I tried to buy it from dealers in chemical reagents, only to discover prices in the range or $10-15 to the gram, shipping from Artcraft/Photoformulary is out of the question (I live in Bulgaria).
I do have p-aminophenol, which I mix Rodinal with; and from what I gather, hydroxyphenyl-glycine can be synthesized from it and monochloroacetic acid(MCA). My search did turn up one old thread there on APUG, but it had only references to science articles and no relevant experiences.
I have two of the articles outlined in the merck index, but they are somewhat vague as to procedure, focusing more on the structure and properties of the derivatives. What I have done, to no success, is to mix p-aminohenol and MCA in aqueous solution and reflux until dissolution and a color change.
However, instead of glycin, ongly slightly soluble in water, I get, upon cooling down to 0C, crystals that dissolve readily and respond to a test for paraamniophenol, suggesting presumably a conversion to the HCl salt.
Has anyone actually done this? I have no relevant experience in organic chemistry, besides very rudimentary reactions like nitrations, dehydrations, etc.
My chemistry teacher is also not too well acquainted (11-graders here learn nothing ). So anyone, who can chime in with some practical advice, I'd be deeply indebted . Also, if all goes well, I will post a detailed account and references, so that anyone else without access to glycin may try it out.
PS: I follow safety procedures, and I'm well aware of the toxicity of the compounds above, I have no intentions to harm myself in the process