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Smieglitz makes good points.
My 8x10 came with a 4x5 reducing back and two 8x10 Folmer wood filmholders. I've accumulated six more for a total of eight matching holders, the most I've ever taken out is four. I've never enlarged an 8x10, although I plan on building a horizontal enlarger.

For portraits I use a 16 1/2" Artar.
I own a 4x5 reducing back for my Wehman. It's nice to have.

I looked at Ebay one day and saw 3 film holders plus a Kodak book and some dip and dunk frames buy it now for $30.00 with free shipping. You wouldn't believe how fast I hit the keyboard. Later I purchased a cardboard box full of film holders from a young lady whose father had passed. I have been very lucky!

How do you like the 16 1/2" Artar? I own a 14" Commercial Ektar but would love to own a 19" Artar for landscape but fear it may be too sharp for portraits. Of course I could always use a diffusion filter in front of it.