I do use this tripod (slik 700dx) with a Bogen 3057 for my toyo-view 45G and have problems with it that needs some DIY tweaks. The problems mainly are twist resistance, or the lack of, in this system combination. First there is the Bogen base, which has a fan like wavy metal base that I think is made specially for manfrotto tripod legs so that three little screws can engage the head and prevent it from twisting. The Slik mounting base doesn't have such holes to lock the Bogen, or any other head, and seems to rely mainly on friction. So, when the whole thing is set up, any pressure applied to the rail rotates the Bogen over the tripod's mounting base very easily. But that's not all, when I keep the Bogen in place with my hand and again apply a little bit of force to the rail then the whole centre column rotates no matter how much I tighten the stopper bolt and the collar lock. I am thinking of drilling a hole in the centre column that the stopper can engage and then maybe use a tap and die set to make threaded holes in the base to engage the Bogen head. does anyone else has an easier, non-invasive solution to the twisting problem with this tripod?