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That's all news to me. Must be a USA thing.
I just came back from the store I buy film from. There was a LOT of E6 film in all forms up to 4 x 5. In China, E6 seems pretty popular at least. Sadly, my film guy told me that he can no longer order Reala. That one's history.

On a positive note, I was in the camera mall today looking for a 35mm film camera to buy. I went to one store in the mall, where I knew that there were a lot of Contax G2 and other film cameras. I couldnt get in that cabinet because it was too busy! Other people out shopping for film cameras were monopolizing the staff.

I ended up buying a Nikon FM2. That and a lot of 135 size film. FINALLY I can shoot Neopan 400. I always wanted to try this film so loaded up many boxes of this film.