Depends on what kind future is waited for. Ten years ago we had only a handful of different films available for super-8. Most people used Kodachrome 40, which was undeniably quite cheap, only about 14 euros per cartridge processing included. That has been history for a long time now. Nothing is as cheap anymore, but we have gotten lots of different new filmstocks available in super-8.

Now then: there are those, who have been filming their vacations for decades on super-8 and projecting them. It is certainly true that it costs now more than before to document your family life. We don't have K40 anymore. For this crowd we do have now Wittnerchrome 200D (Agfa Aviphot Chrome) which costs only about 10 euros per cartridge + processing -- provided you fill them yourself. Otherwise one cartridge costs 22 euros + processing. If you process the films yourself, you'll save even more.

Then there's the other crowd: those who shoot this film for artistic reasons and/or don't have a problem with shooting on negative film stock. We have now Vision3 50D, 200T and 500T available in super-8. They are spectacular stocks and many young people have grown to love them, using them as part of commercial shoots and artistic projects.

Here in Finland we have had a mini revival of sorts. Hrst (who writes on this forum as well) began his DIY motion picture film laboratory business this Spring. It's the first lab in Finland in decades to process super-8. During these few months there has been increasing number of people bringing their super-8 and 16mm film for processing (both ECN-2 and E-6). This recent development has also inspired new people to try super-8 or to return to their hobby after many years.

So from my perspective there is a bright future for super-8. Best ways to support it is to shoot some film yourself and to do some marketing in different Internet forums dedicated to moving images. Sharing information and great professional examples by others and being enthusiastic about it is the most important part. As always, being pessimistic is the worst thing to do if one wishes to win any converts.