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Well, what the hey, brothers and sisters. Sales of 35mm gear on ye olde APUG seem to be oddly in the doldrums, so let's try to liven things up a bit. Here's a deal that hopefully you'll like. Before I tell you more, please understand Karl had no idea I was going to do this because he and I haven't corresponded in a while. Here's the deal: Buy this camera and after you've done that send me an email (jon_goodman@yahoo.com). Give me your mailing address and I'll give you mine and as soon as possible I'll send you a light seal kit for the FM. At your convenience you can mail me a $5 bill...that being 1/2 of the normal cost of the FM seal kit. No matter where you live, I'll do this. Yes, even if you live in someplace like Irkutsk Oblast or Tanganyika or Walla Walla, Washington...I'll still send the kit.

Once you receive the camera and seal kit, you can spend an interesting (and I think rewarding) evening correcting the most common problem any camera will suffer and learning or perfecting a new skill. By the way, this is not a difficult camera to re-seal and should you later decide the FM isn't for you, I believe you should be able to sell it for at least what you've paid and most likely a bit more.
I'm having my first cup of Sunday morning coffee and have just read out loud your post to my very significant other.
Until now, she thought that I and all the other APUG folks were slightly off their collective rockers.
Now, she is certain that we all share some sort of genetic disorder.
Seriously, thanks for your generosity.
It's always fun to read your posts.