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Now, she is certain that we all share some sort of genetic disorder.
Hmmm, well you know creative people are often labeled crazy. Until they die, that is. And then a backwards look occasionally leads people to decide they weren't so much crazy as they were an innovative genius. Or maybe just a high functioning idiot who got lucky at something. And it has always made me wonder "are crazy people creative or are creative people crazy?" Entertainers seem to be largely exempt. Their charisma or charm propels them ahead, but you don't have to look very hard to see a surprisingly bright beam of insanity trying to slip through the slats their publicist does his very best to keep closed. But anyway, I think we'd agree that a creative crazy person is at least more fun to be around than a dangerous crazy person. I mean with the former you're always on the edge and wondering what he/she is going to say or do next, aren't you? Kind of like a constant "little Johnny joke" and you're always smiling because you can't wait for the punchline. So it brings us back to the matter at hand...the Nikon FM and why I'm writing about this stuff rather than addressing an envelope for a seal kit. Hopefully I'll be doing that later on today. Now I'm on my way to church.