Inches, McCurry sells as large as 40x60 inches, so roughly 100x150cm.

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That is true for all of us. We all have to find/figure out ways to reliably get what we want as a final product. Keep experimenting and learning.

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I know this is photographers place, not photo agents, maybe that's why there are no definite (yet still personal) answers.
You are trying to get an objective answer about a subjective subject, I don't think a definitive answer exists. There are though objective ways you can figure it out.

Here's an article I read this morning that demonstrates what I'm saying. It's from a different industry, my wife's a programmer, the process shown for developing a salable product is just as valid for photographers as it is for programmers.

There are a variety of examples in photography too. The f/64 group of Ansel Adams et al, created a product style that the group adhered to in order to get more gallery time for its members. See their manifesto.