They are good cameras, and once you are used to the size and weight they handle easily and they don't seem as bulky anymore.

I am not sure what they are worth now but it is dependent on what version and condition it is in. The Gw series has three makes, the 1 has a cold shoe, the 2nd has a hotshoe and fixed hood, the 3rd has a redone contoured plastic body housing (still metal under) and quick spool ejection buttons. 1 & 2 models are most affordable, ver. 3 is only cheap when they are sold with a cracked body near the screw holes or high shutter count. All three models have a shutter count underneath, it's a 3 digit number that counts every 10 shots. Fuji recommended @ 500 for a cla, and at 999-1000 when it flips back to 0 for a shutter replacement. Be warned though, it is possible to reset the numbers, kinda like rolling back an odometer. If a body looks well used but has a very low number someone has messed with it or it has gone around the 1000 mark.

The lenses didn't change through the models, so pick the one with the features you like and the price range you are shooting for. You won't regret this clown sized camera. The negatives are amazing and the prints from them equally so.

If you like a wider lens the gsw version is also a great camera. It gives a fov of about a 28mm eqiv. on 35mm.