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Thank you, John. I have seen the links and I have talked to suppliers and importers, who can offer me similar prices. The point of the whole endeavor, I am unwilling to admit, is to satisfy my own interest in chemistry, and to see if I can make a viable point. Purchasing it is the least worry I have, I stressed the price in my first point to kinda "justify" trying to do something that will eventually end up being more expensive and tiresome
You comment on the time it takes to make glycin makes me wonder if the conversion doesn't occur at a much slower rate than I had imagined (no more than 24hrs), much like Gainer's Metonal, or Rodinal itself, taking several weeks to reach stability. of course, the commercial process probably involves purification steps, such as recrystallization, sublimation, desiccating the final product (although that shouldn't take that long ). But there could be something to it.
I'll keep trying, keeping in mind safety and sanity

aaahhh, i geddit ..
totally understand the "i gotta try to make this stuff" point of view
i just wasn't sure if hadn't seen the other "pre made" alternatives.
i learned about the time period years ago when you could ask the good
folks at TPF to send you "the freshest - stuff" and they would say it takes 2 weeks
and at the end is when it is crushed .. i have no idea what it is, how it is made
or much else, it just seems to take its time ( drying out ? ) before it can be used.
and then it has to be used before it becomes use-less ..
have fun with your mad-science