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Few Answers/Questions:

1) I Plan on using homemade pinhole cameras, partly constructed by the kids but supervised for excellence. I also will be using large oatmeal boxes and/or other large containers to print on 5x7 paper photo prints.
How are you making the holes? You need to know how large the pinholes are (and how far they are from the paper) in order to determine the exposure time.

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2) What do you mean by "Arista" papers? Are they still great quality, or is there a noticeable difference between those and Ilford multigrades?
Arista paper. It's different to Ilford but excellent quality; people do exhibitions on this paper and I have a few 16x20" prints on my walls made from it. The low pricing is a function of how it's imported in bulk and resold mostly unbranded.

See also Kentmere: 25 sheets, 100 sheets. It costs between Arista and Ilford, is made by Ilford, and is much more sensitive, which makes it better for pinhole work.

And Direct Positive paper. More expensive than normal Ilford paper, but the contrast should be better, and you don't need to use a separate sheet for both the pinhole exposure and the print. However, it's fibre-based paper which is much more difficult to process - you need additional chemicals and very long washing times.