Three of us from the Midwest Large Format Asylum came from Indiana and Illinois and we had a great time. Thanks, John, for putting on such a fun event! Sorry that we weren't able to meet up with the rest of you folks other than Saturday evening. We arrived late Friday night after stopping at a lighthouse on Lake Erie near Toledo on the way. We were up early Saturday at 4:30 AM to make an early start photographing in Cleveland and had such a good time that we barely made it to your place for dinner.. We were up relatively early again Sunday morning for some more exploration in Cleveland and tried to get to the flats to see whether anyone was there but were stymied by thousands of people running through the streets and blocking our way in that direction! After trying to get around them for a while we decided that we couldn't get back to Richland in time for the 10:00 breakfast, and we're sorry we missed that. Had a blast, though, and look forward to next time!