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Hopefully, as photographers who would wish the same, we'd have the courtesy to give the picture a fair reading. Of course, it is a picture of a relatively rare event and, photography is in some measure about simply being there. Let's give him the benefit of the doubt then?
Don't know his work. Never seen the picture before.

Still even though you state it's famous, to me it's nothing more than a mundane picture of a car on fire.

Nothing about it seems to bring it up the scale to being a great picture or even all that interesting.

There must not be many car fires in the UK?

When I grew up in Canada I don't recall ever seeing a car on fire. In the US it's pretty common and in fact they always send fire trucks to car accidents.

Two weeks ago something like 4-5 women burned to death in the back of a limo crossing a bridge into San Francisco.