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Funny that those who fall under the title of this programme (i.e. those shooting ULF) aren't complaining about paying for film (over $8 per sheet/shot for me), yet those who shoot small formats are.

We all individually choose the formats that we shoot, so perhaps we all should take responsibility for the costs associated with using said format?

IMO, some here are coming across as ingrates. Keep poking the (Ilford) bear and we might all be shooting digital some time soon...
I noticed that, I think it's two fold, one is that I think we tend to think of LF sheet film as more surface area so more cost to begin with. But also just that the LF shooters are kind of used to paying high prices, this is new for us smaller format shooters so there's a little sticker shock going on with an expectation that the 120ish equivalent in price per surface area of film would be a lot closer.

And I also agree, we asked for it, we got it, and now we are bitching lol, pretty ungrateful.

I do think it would be nice to know if they meet the quota this year, if next year it will be cheaper because tooling costs are then covered.

Also since I wast around (or aware) then, can anyone tell me if any of the smaller format roll films had been part of this run in the past? (And actually cut, not just offered). Thanks.

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