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The direct positive paper looks like it is just as easy to develop as the RC variable contrast paper. This is a big plus. Neat stuff, worth a serious look.

So you send 5 kids out with 5 pinhole cameras and maybe 3 from the group comes out OK. You could still make copies just the same from one of the prints that came out to another sheet of direct positive paper.
How could I make a positive-copy from a direct positive? Wouldn't I first need to contact print the direct pos. into a negative, and then make several positives from that negative? Or is there an easier way?

TO ALL: I would loooovvvve a cut&dry answer to my question of which type of photography paper to get for my project as described throughout this forum... At this point I think that I should get between 75 and 100 sheets of 5x7 paper, and am heading toward VC b/c I am not a pro and dont really want to mess with the graded stuff. All I want is a solid print. For VC, do I need "filters" of any type or are they just for special effects. Also, If I do acquire an actual red-filtered safelight, does it matter which brand I get for VC: Arista.EDU? Kentmere? Are you guys familiar with Adox? Or should I not risk it and go with the high quality Ilford?

THANKS SO MUCH TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO POSTED ON THIS FORUM TO HELP ME OUT!! You guys have been so kind and willing to spend tons of time with my project and for that I am grateful..

Please continue to post and add tips and suggestions in ANY areas that you see fit.