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fstop, As you see from the quote, I was aware of the purpose of this idiot proof feature. Of course, anyone unaware of how a covered lens would affect aperture priority has already missed the point so why implement it?

Of course in Nikon's final manual focus SLR - the FM3A, they smartly left this feature out of it. They also smartly left the extra locking mechanism need to open the film back . . .
I think the point of the locked 1/80 has been somewhat forgotten. Nikon was really thinking about the danger of adding automation to their F line, and trying to avoid shooting themselves in the foot- a situation I can think of (one I've been in too many times) is shooting with flash in the dark, loading film by feel; if the camera just starts going in A mode right away, you could get into trouble; A is one of the locking spots on the dial after all (although so is X). Obviously everybody wants something different, but I like a predictable number of frames, so I know when I need to switch cameras or fit in a film change.

I also like the lock, when lots of bodies, bags & lenses are swinging around, it's insurance. I've opened the locked bodies so many times, I have to go through an extra little tic to open something like an FM now.