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I do think it would be nice to know if they meet the quota this year, if next year it will be cheaper because tooling costs are then covered.
My impression (from Simon's comments) is that retooling is not a major part of most of these costs. It comes down to waste relative to "normal" production. That and labor for what is really *several* special order runs.

Also since I wast around (or aware) then, can anyone tell me if any of the smaller format roll films had been part of this run in the past? (And actually cut, not just offered).
It (in my impression) keeps expanding, if slowly. This is the first year that I've seen 46mm/127 bulk rolls. So the first year that I've been more than an observer. Lots of discussion say this is the first for 122. I think *some* 120 and 70mm happened before, though the 120 backer paper is (I believe) new.