The neat trick with direct positive paper is that every time you use it you make another positive. So when you put the paper in the camera and develop it you get a positive, and if you use the positive paper to print from a positive you get another positive.

The direct positive paper uses a "red" safelight, which means a bicycle tail lamp or even a common flashlight with a red filter can work, you might even find one at camp already. The other papers use an "amber" safelight which isn't common at hardware stores.

If you do go with Variable Contrast Resin Coated paper, then you will need to print every shot. No requirement to use filters, those are just refinements.

With the direct positive paper you might not have to print very many because many of the prints might just come out.

This kind of paper wasn't very common historically or even a few years back. Direct positive used to require different chemistry, several steps, or was specialized graphic arts material.