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Consider this. Fuji is now the only producer of E6 products. They no longer make Motion Picture film. They also coat Instax.

Thus, their lines are Instax, E6. C41. and B&W.

My sources state a supposed fact with no date attached. I cannot tell you what I don't know. I can just project the problems arising from the given product mix. Their C41 is limited, and the B&W is not sold in as wide a market as Ilford (AFAIK). They are in the same boat as Kodak really, but supported by other Fuji divisions.

So, at a guess, (my own, not my sources) is that E6 will probably fail in about 5 years or less.

You have 21,698 posts and over the years I have noted several in the past that have been wrong. I hope this will prove to be another.