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Wow, beautiful shots James, SA coastline looks amazing and i love the lighthouse.
thanks mate!

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James, I'm surprised you could get yourself to 'The Breakaways' outside Coober Pedy; atmospheric, 'out there' and strikingly beautiful at sunset, we learnt that private vehicles were not permitted there (from the quite strict aboriginal custodians) so we were forced to go with a commercial tour. This wasn't too bad (we did have access to a restricted area, which looked no more remarkable than an ancient mullock heap, but was described as a burial mound (!!) ), but it was rather too "Hollywood" for my liking: picnic tables, white table cloths, bone china, champagne and candles. And RUSHED! I had enough time to get four (one roll) of 6x17cm images at the time, pack it all away, file into the bus only to demand a kilometre later that the bus stop when a blood-red Moon arose over the plain! The others were grumbling and cursing because they were not photographers (they only came along for the grog!). Maybe the rules have been changed or relaxed since we went there (June 2011). It would be an ethereal, specular place to camp, but I don't see that happening.

Not surprised to see the disappointing view of Erskine Falls; it's been extremely dry for too long, even by Otways standard, and thousands of people have had the gall to complain long and loud to Lorne Visitor Information Centre that "those falls are not flowing at all!", lol!! So funny!
But most falls are now picking up and will continue to build flow with more regular rain and run-off now.

I recognise many other places in your folio of your travels! PS: Get a spirit level. And don't leave home without it.

Evening light, 'The Breakaways'
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yeah i just drove there.. even drove down to the Dingo Fence. i didnt read any signs, so cant say whether i was supposed to or not.. ha
unfortunately, i was only there mid afternoon, so the light was a bit flat and uninteresting. i have a half dozen rolls of film to finish scanning, so hope i have some more keepers to add to my site.
i dont think im allowed to post photos of Uluru either. oops..
i know what you mean about needing a spirit level, im trying to get better, but occasionally rush myself. my 4x5 and 6x17 have levels, and i sometimes use the straighten tool in PS if its really on the piss.
i didnt mind Erskine Falls too much, not much water, yes, but still nice. Triplet Falls though, now THAT was a let down. could barely see the falls.

if anyone finds themselves in the Gippsland area, feel free to give me a yell if you want some company.