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for JJphotoo you remember the positive exception from the Yashica ML serie ?
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No problem.

At present I have the ML 50/1.4, ML 50/2, ML 55/2.8 Macro, ML 24/2.8. I use them on a Canon 5D2, don't tell anyone... I've had the ML 21/3.5, ML 200/4 which I used to use on transparency film and B+W.

The 50/2 is rubbish. Just rubbish. It makes a decent body cap.

The 50/1.4 is OK in that it renders very much like the Contax 50/1.4 but the ML is less sharp at every aperture and it suffers significantly from purple fringing/CA wide open (on digital, it might not be a problem on film). You can get much better 50/1.4's for the same or less money but why not just save a bit for the Contax and have one of the best 50/1.4's even compared to modern lenses.

ML 50/1.4 at F1.4

The ML 55/2.8 is in my bag most of the time and I use it quite a bit. There are no purple fringing or significant CA issues with it. It's a very good lens, I would certainly recommend it, but I suspect that macros are just an easy lens to design/build and I don't think I've ever heard of a bad macro lens. I suspect it's not in the same league as 'better' macros from Contax but it's also a very cheap lens.

ML 55/2.8 all at F2.8

The ML 24 is quite good and I have no real complaints about it. I just don't use it enough to comment much more, but I would certainly recommend it at the right price. I must like it because I sold one a very long time ago and then bought another one back again, but I just don't use that focal length much these days.

The ML 21/3.5 has a reputation for being a fine lens. Mine was not very good wide open (and I'll bet they are all the same) and needed to be stopped down at last one stop and preferably 2 at which point it was extremely sharp. I would certainly recommend it but not at current prices.

Having said/written all that, don't buy any of it (except maybe the ML 55/2.8). Save your money and buy the equivalent Contax lens if you can. The Contax coatings are superb and contribute significantly to improving contrast and controlling flare in general. They work perfectly on Yashica bodies so there's no excuse to NOT use them except for their cost. Good luck.


PS, don't tell anyone I'm shooting digital!