Regarding slow speed - if it's repeatable, and the frames are exposed without any problems, I wouldn't consider it to be a bad thing. A feature. I'd just measure the exposure time precisely...

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hi q-x

i hate to suggest this, because i know you specifically asked for advice for 35mm rangefinders with a m39 sort of situation ..
BUT if you can swing it, why not look for some sort of in expensive folding press sort of 4x5 camera? the lenses are just as inexpensive
in the FSU as they are everywhere else ... instead of 28,50, 135 you go 90, 150, 210 ... its easy as pie, AND
instead of film you can shoot cheap photo PAPER.
After the ohter thread I've started, I consider this to be really wise advice. Thanks a bunch! Graflex may be something in my range, again, in "sort of working condition"