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John, those are really expensive. Never mind "per click" cost, I can make less photos with those. The gear to start is 10-20x the price of a rangefinder. I even thought of building 4x5 myself some years ago, and now I'm starting to think again. It can't be that hard to make a point and click camera if I have lens, shutter and film holder made for me

hi again q_x -

sorry to hear old school press camera bodies are so expensive where you are.
i have seen old speed graphic bodies sell for between 50-100$USD and film holders
for a few dollars each. and photo paper, expired stuff which works BEST for paper negatives ..
well it is usually give-away or a few pennies a sheet.
i had said "speed graphic" type camera because they usually have a roller blind shutter as part of
the camera, so you can use anything that allows light through it as a lens ( junk harvested off box cameras + folders,
2$ enlarger lenses .. even magnifying glasses or binocular cells ) .
another inexpensive bigger than 35mm choice might be a kodak ( or similar ) 3a FOLDING CAMERA. sometimes they have
beautiful lenses ... they took 122 film so you can just tape sheets of photo paper end to end and roll them on a spool
i've been doing this with a 3a graflex slr for about 2 years and couldn't be happier. a folder is small enough to fit in your pocket
and the negative is 3.75x5.5" "post card format" ...

i know this thread is about RANGE FINDER 35MM CAMERAS ... but just in case you hadn't thought of other viable options that might yield
a great paper negative which is easy to make into a print ...

have fun!