As far as rangefinders go, I think the Moskva is in workable condition, so looks Minolta Hi-Matic. I have to go through a roll of film each now to see how unprofessional the lenses are, and check for light leaks and other failures.

Offtopic or not, I think starting LF on a budget is a great topic on it's own. Moderators may split it if it's desirable.

Shooting on paper is a great idea, there's a bag of expired paper in the darkroom where I "work", these papers are waiting for an event somewhere around June. I'm pretty much sure I may use some leftovers after the event. I've done some pinhole photos on photo paper few years ago, I know how to work with it. Paper is ortochromatic, which is another great feature.

Large format camera, used, cheap and in working condition (at least what's needed should work) is hard to find here. Medium format is getting cheaper though, which is a good sign. The market is really small, and importing anything was hard before 1989, so we have very few oldies waiting in our penthouses or attics to be found. Cheapest Graflex I can buy today, with dysfunctional curtain shutter and front part of bellows taped with electrical tape to the plate, is over 200$. Things are getting better month after month, so I'll keep this conversation in mind